Red black tree builder

Red property: Red nodes do not have red parents.

Black property*: Siblings have equal maximum black heights.

Enter up to 32 numbers between -9 and 99:

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    Insertion algorithm

    insert newNode and make it red.
    if newNode violates red property      
    operation complete.
    # fixMe is red and it has a red parent
    function fixRed(fixMe)
      if parent of fixMe is root
        make root black, and we're all done.
      if fixMe has a red uncle
        make parent and uncle black,
        and make grandparent red.
        if grandparent violates red property
        # rotateUp changes color of outside child's parent.
        # So, if fixMe is outside child, then
        # rotateUp(parent of fixMe) fixes red violation.                 
        if fixMe is not an outside child
          fixMe = outsideChild(fixMe)
        rotateUp(parent of fixMe).